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In our opinion, this page displays the best IPTV boxes and is regularly updated.

We based the choice on price/quality, stability, simplicity and customer experiences.
Your favorite box or current box may not be listed. This does not mean that the box is not good, but that we have chosen other IPTV boxes for considerations.

We have chosen to choose three boxes as the top 3, the choice is justified by stating a number of points per box.

Read this before you make a choice:

Before you choose a box, it is important to consider what you want. Do you just want to watch TV? Then go for a Linux operating system, do you want to download apps in addition to IPTV? Then go for an Android operating system.

5 Tips when choosing an IPTV box

If you only want to watch IPTV without apps, with faster loading time, go for a Linux box. (The Mira-x 4200 is recommended for this)
Do you want to receive TV wirelessly? Then go for a Dual-Band WiFi box and, if necessary, include a WiFi adapter.
If you want to use apps, take at least a 2 GB Ram receiver, with at least Android 7.
When using apps, a wireless keyboard or air mouse is strongly recommended.
Do you want to watch content in 4K? Then choose a 4K receiver that supports 60 frames per second.
A 4K @ 60 fps receiver runs smoother than 4K at 30 fps.
4K content is hardly available in IPTV, so this is only necessary if you have your own 4K content.
It is also wise to purchase 4K support to be ready for the future.

The 3 best IPTV Boxes

Best IPTV boxes
With a box from this category you are always in the right place for IPTV. These boxes are the fastest and most stable at the right price/quality ratio. The boxes support the functions they have well. This takes into account zapping speed, stability, customer experiences and the quality of functions such as recording, reviewing, etc.


    Formuler Z11 Pro Max

    149,00  Add to basket

    Formuler Z11 Pro Max

    149,00  Add to basket

    Formuler Z11 Pro Max

    149,00  Add to basket